Kabira Village

Tukamushaba Sharon is a thirty-six years old and a mother of six. She is currently employed as a subsistence farmer on a neighbor's farm in Buhobero village, Bukora parish. After a full days work, she earns the equivalent of $1 per day. Through her tireless efforts, she has been able to provide the necessities of life for her large family and has even been able to put enough money away for her children's school fees. She dreams of a more sustainable way to provide for her family.
Esiekiriyo Isaac is thirteen years old and currently in the 4th grade. He is the oldest child and the only brother to his five sisters. Isaac's sponsorship is $38.
Tuheisemukama Prakiseda is twelve years old and currently in the 4th grade. She is the oldest girl and second oldest child. In a few years, girls in Prakiseda's class will be getting married if their families are unable to continue to pay for their school fees. Prakiseda hopes she will be able to finish her education and your sponsorship will help her do just that.
Tugumisirize Gloria is ten years old and is currently in 2nd grade. Gloria is at the age when she will soon start going through puberty. Each year, hundreds of girls around the world drop out of school when they start their period due to insufficient sanitary supplies. Gloria's sponsorship would allow her family to obtain the necessary supplies to insure she gets to finish her education.
Ahibisibwe Elizabeth is eight years old and currently in the 1st grade. Like most middle children, Elizabeth learned to share early in her life. She currently shares her two bedroom house with four sisters, her brother, and her mom. Elizabeth's sponsorship is $33.
Mweteise Viola is five years old and hopes to start primary school soon! Right now she helps her mom around the house by doing chores and gardening. She hopes that her family will soon be able to afford her school fees so she can start kindergarten.
Musimenta Direen is eighteen months old. One of her favorite hobbies is spending time with her mom, Sharon. Direen often tags along with Sharon during the day and keeps her mom company as she cuddles in a wrap around Sharon's chest. Unfortunately, Direen has recently started showing signs of malnutrition. If she does not start getting more protein in her diet, her growth and mental development will be permanently stunted.

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