This is the one who had a cow. She is called Mbabazi Doreen .
She has has 5 children and she is making 26yrs 
She has 2daughters and 3sons and she is among the few who have supportive husbands.
1st born: owomugisha samatha 10yrsold
2)kembabazi immacurate 9yrs
3)Turinawe Barney 5yrs
4) Atukunda sabbit 3yrs 
5)Oyinomugasho Kevin 1and 4/12 yrs.The husband is Rihannarinda Junior who 27 yrs.Doreen got married at a young age because she lost her both parents when she was 12 yrs and she started taking care of her self including going to school and farming for her own food but she could not afford all her basic needs and demands of life  and balancing school and taking care of her self including clothing and meals she could not afford schools bills so she ended in primary 2level of educations and the next decision and advise for friends was her to get married so that she can get some one to care for her

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