In Uganda, real estate works backwards from the way it works in America: the rich people live in the valleys and the poor people live on the top of the hill with the million-dollar views. This is because the water flows in the valleys and the public spickets are also located close to the road which also runs in the valleys. Roads themselves change from highways in the valleys to motorcycle roads in the communities and footpaths towards the top of the hill. For this Family, we had to hike up the hill all the way to the top.
Scovia's family includes five children ages 3 to 13. The children were so excited to receive the gifts you all donated that they wrote thank you notes with some of the paper and pencils we gave them. While we were talking to Scovia, her husband came home for the day. Since the mother has received the rabbits, her status in the family, especially with her husband has improved. She even had some baby rabbits to show us even though she just received the rabbits last month because one of the rabbits she got was pregnant!

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