Even though my family has always been very poor, I longed to go to school and thankfully my family was supportive. When I started high school, tuition was expensive so my parents sold our two goats. My father gave me the money from his job as a security guard. My aunt gave me all of her savings she earned as a maid. I convinced my teacher to give me books. And I worked as a subsistence farmer to contribute what I could. With all of our work we were able to afford my first term of high school. So I happily walked 10 km to school and then back in the evening. I worked very hard to continue to save money but now that second semester is starting, my family told me we will not be able to afford it. We have nothing left to sell and have already spent our savings. I want to continue my education and hope to be a teacher in the future so I can help children like me.

Sponsor Joan

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