Program Launch: No Boundaries Period.

Let's get real. Girls and women have been pretty awesome at "going with the flow" for thousands of years now. Monthly menstrual cycles (aka "periods") are a natural, healthy part of a woman's physiology. But even though it's an event that affects roughly one half of the entire world's population, there are still many areas that lack the supplies necessary to maintain adequate menstrual hygiene. 

In places that lack adequate sanitation resources, many girls are forced to stay home from school during the days that they bleed.  This can mean absences of 4-5 days per month equating up to 20% of the academic year! Despite the young woman's hard work, eventually the missed days catch up to her.  Many girls in this situation are forced to drop out once they fall years behind of the other students their age.

In an effort to staunch the proverbial bleeding (forgive our terrible pun) of human talent and potential, IFWCE & the Garden of Prosperity are excited to announce a new partnership with Days for Girls. Days for Girls is an international organization that provides reusable menstrual pads to young girls. Through this partnership, we hope to increase access to menstrual hygiene to at-risk girls in Uganda at prevent them from dropping out of school.

With the funds that are raised,  we will purchase menstrual “POD’s” from Days for Girls to give to local school-aged girls. Each POD contains 1 waterproof shield and 2 absorbent liners made from washable fabric and costs a mere $2.  The money for each pad goes directly to a local women's empowerment enterprise that manufactures the pads in-country.  The pads go directly to the girls.  Each pad, if properly cared for, can provide coverage for up to 3 years.

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