Beneficiary Spotlight: Naturinda Specious

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Naturinda Specious is a 27 year old single mother. She has three children: 6-year-old Niwahereza Isaac, 4-year-old Kirabo Agnes, and 7-month-old Tweyogere Onesmus. One day, Naturinda's husband told her that he was going to get work as a lumberjack. He gathered his things and left for the forest. He never returned.

Polygamy is legal in Naturinda's region and she is left to believe that her husband ran away and married another woman. Consequently, Naturinda is left alone to take care of her family including their school fees, clothing, food, medical bills and all other basic needs. She works as a subsistence farmer and manages to keep a small house where her children share a small, blanket-less mat for a bed.

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