Beneficiary Spotlight: Agatha Aharimpsia

Meet Agatha Aharimpisa and family. Agatha a 38 year old mother of four. She and her family live in Kasinde village in the Mwendo parish. Like the previous beneficiary families, Agatha works each day in her neighbor's fields to provide dinner for her family. When she finds the time, she also hires herself out to do other household chores. Despite her hard work, Agatha struggles to meet her family's needs; her three-year-old, Aharikunda, has stunted growth due to severe malnutrition.

Global development goals, and consequently Thanksgiving In Uganda, focuses largely on children under five years of age for multiple reasons. The first is that children under five are most at risk for malnutrition as they cannot fend for themselves. Secondly, the brain develops significantly during the first five years of life. If Aharikunda does not receive urgent assistance, he could suffer permanent developmental delays and growth stunting. For this reason, Agatha Ahrimpisa's family will be T.I.U.'s next beneficiary!

The family is pictured above and are as follows: 1) Agatha Ahrimpsia, 38 year old matriarch 2) Alampa Medard, 15 year old boy. Unfortunately, Alampa was forced to drop out of school in the seventh grade because his family could not afford his school fees. He is not shown in the picture because he had gone to fetch water from the family several kilometers away. 3) Arinda Tito, 13 year old boy in sixth grade, at risk of dropping out due to lack of funds 4) Aharikunda, 3 year old boy spoken of above. In the picture you can see the result of his malnutrition including shortened stature and elongated skull. 5) Ayinembabazi Dizzy, female girl, age unspecified (The fourth child in the picture is one of Agatha's neighbor's children who she was babysitting at the time the picture was taken.)

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