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Uganda's Rising Hope


Nabaasa Barnabas is a 30 year-old Ugandan graduate student who lives in the rural town of Kabale, Uganda.  He is the sixth of seven children. Barnabas’ father died when he was young, leaving his family without a way to provide for themselves.  His mother was determined that all of her children would get an education, so she worked hard to put her firstborn through school. That child then turned around and paid for the second oldest to go to school.  Subsequently, all seven of the Nabaasa siblings have paid for each other’s educations. 

Barnabas always wanted to be a physician, but the cost of medical school was prohibitive to his family.  Instead, he pursued a bachelors degree in Social Work and Social Administration.

After graduation, he decided to pursue a degree in Public Health.  For two years, he worked full-time while simultaneously going to school full-time. He would attend class for one week per month during which time he would take all of his examinations. Then, he would travel to a different city to work the other three weeks out of the month.  From 6:30 am to 9 pm, Barnabas worked as a program coordinator for an international Public Health education program, Child Family Health International.  At 9 pm, he would begin his homework,averaging a meager five hours of sleep for night. After two years, he graduated with his Masters of Public Health.

Looking to the future, Barnabas continues to set his sights high.  He founded his own international non-profit organization that focuses on women and children,  targeting the areas of poverty, ignorance, and disease.  Eventually, he plans to extend his non-profit to other countries in East Africa, and eventually to other nations around the world.  

To this end Barnabas wants to pursue a second degree in Project Planning and Management. The program will help him amplify the effects of his current health projects and maximize his future efforts to revolutionize the healthcare system in East Africa. 

Although Barnabas had been working and saving for school, the cost of the program was staggering to him and his family.  For Barnabas, the price for just one semester was the equivalent of 167 days of salaried labor.  But in US dollars, the cost for the entire two-year program is just under $2,100.  Together, we raised enough money for Barnabas' first two semesters of school!

 With his tireless effort, directed passion for helping others, and investment in education, Barnabas is sure to become a powerful asset to the Ugandan and global communities.



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