Ms. Kakuru Mackline is a 26 year old head of household. Her family consists of herself and her three children. Kakuru Mackline's husband passed away last year. Since then, she has taken on the responsibility to provide for her family. She does not have a formal job, but she farms on her own piece of land and sometimes works in others' gardens for supplementary income.
Her first two children are twins, a boy named Kakura Kevin and a girl named Kato Bridge. They both like to draw. Her youngest child is an 18 month-old boy named Kiiza Godfrey.
Despite long days of work, Ms. Kakuru struggles to provide for her children. One of the twins suffers from protein deficiency, as seen by the physical differences between the twins in the photo. 
With the help of generous friends like you, she hopes to be able to feed her family and send them to school when they are old enough.

 On the 14th, we went to follow up with the beneficiaries of our Give Rabbits, Give Hope project. We brought a TON of the clothes that were donated. 
The day started off when we all piled into KIHEFO's ambulance - it was the only vehicle that would be able to handle the rough terrain between us and the beneficiary families. We drove about 40 minutes through what was possibly the most beautiful valley I've ever seen. The road was often just wide enough for the ambulance to pass through and we white-knuckled it past a few miles of cliffside. :) Finally, we arrived at the base of the hill where our first family lived. 
Mackline's family was situated halfway up the hillside. You may remember that she was widowed 2 years ago and had three children: one set of fraternal twins, and a younger boy. A few weeks before Josh and I flew out, tragedy struck her family when something in her house caught on fire and destroyed what few possessions she had including her family's only bed and mattress and any clothes her family was not wearing at the time of the fire. Mackline was working at a nearby farm at the time but thankfully, one of her neighbors saw the fire and rushed to put it out before the house caught on fire. We sorted and gave all the kids a few pairs of clothes and shoes and also outfitted her with some of the beautiful clothes you all donated. So thank you. <3 On Sunday, we plan to surprise them by bringing them a bunkbed, a single bed, 3 mattresses, and all the bedding they will need. The total for all of these items (which is all they could possibly fit in their home) was only $225. Many of you contributed to the fund for this money by donating clothes and books that we could not carry with us and that we sold back. So please know that your items paid for beds and other items that will last the family for the rest of their lives. 
This post is getting long so I think I'll divide the update into three parts, one for each family. Stay tuned!

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