Empowering Women

At Thanksgiving in Uganda, the families that we work with are female-led, single-parent households.  Most of the women have either lost their husbands to abandonment, HIV/AIDs, or other tragic circumstances.  In these situations, the woman is left without a way to provide and very little -if any- schooling to qualify her for employment. 

Thanksgiving in Uganda strives to provide a way for these brave women to become self-sufficient.  Each of the rabbits that are bred can either be eaten or sold for supplementary income. At $10 each, the rabbits are worth the equivalent of several days worth of manual labor.  

Care for the rabbits is cost-effective and simple enough for a child or grandparent to do.  Rabbits feed on weeds that grow around the house so the care is free after the initial startup cost of $280 per family for the rabbits and the hutch.  Through generous donations, Thanksgiving in Uganda provides a self-sustaining source of financial stability and economic empowerment for just under $300.

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