Kabira Village

Busigye prudence who is 30years and has three children :Priences Tumwekwase who is 8yrs and she has disability as she uses crutches, followed by kamusime prise who is 6yrs old last born is a boy who is a boy by names of Arindwamukama seduraka! Has two roomed house and they do farming for food and earning to support the family. They don’t have land for their own farming so they use other people land and sometimes she crosses Lake Bunyonyi to go and farm in relative’s land which is a long distance from her house.
Though her husband is a bit supportive and she says her husband is among few men who don’t take alcohol but because being in a vulnerable situation they struggle to make it through in life. Prudence didn’t go to school because the parents could not afford as she would have wanted to attain education like any other girls who had the opportunity
The family has malnutrition conditions among the young child and also being a poor household they need to be empowered.

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