Katenga Village

Ayinembabazi Maria 23 yrs old amother of one child names Turyasugura Bureya who is 2yrs and 8 months. Maria is married to Byamukama Dickson who is 23yrs old.
Maria got married when she was 19yrs when parents failed to raise her fees she dropped out at level of primary three! And she was a first born of her parents and had three other siblings but due to family pressure after dropping of school as she used to go with her mom to work for others to be paid so that they could afford supporting the young children and marriage was thought as the best solution for her to get off the burden of contributing to the family though the family also thought of her getting married would earn them money through dowery/bride price. Currently she does substance farming and also works in other people’s farms to be paid and sometimes get rich neighbors offer her land where she can farm to produce food for the family. The husband does not contribute much as he also earns through manual labors on construction sites and sometimes working in other people’s farms to earn a living
Ayinembabazi Maria got married when she was 19 after parents failing to raise her fees and she stopped in primary three level of education !she was the oldest in her family and she has one child who is 2yrs and 8months . The child is by names of Bureya Turyasigura.

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