Kasinde Village

Atuhwere Maureen, 26 year old subsistence farmer and mother of three. Atuhwere has a 6 year old boy named Arinda Timothy, 3 year old girl named Akatukunda Allen, and a 16 month old named Agereza Mesadioius. She provides for their needs by farming on another person’s land. At the end of a full day she is paid in potatoes or is given the equivalent of one dollar.
Polygamy is legal in the region and Atuhwere’s co-wife separated with the husband, leaving her three additional children in Atuhwere’s care. She raises the children alone because her husband chooses not to be involved with child care as he has had many children with several sex workers and other women in the community. As if that were not enough to keep her busy, Atuhwere also cares for her mother in law, Irvine Zarirehe, who is over 80 years of age.
Maureen's parents were uneducated and unfortunately too poor to pay for her studies, so she did not get to go to primary school. But she dreams of one day making it possible for all of her children to earn a solid education. We couldn’t be more proud to be supporting Atuhwere in this vision.

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