Kabisha Village

Amumpaire Christine is a 27 year old single mother of three children. She relies wholely on subsistence farming to earn a living. This means that every day, she works on a farm owned by another person and at the end of the day, she receives enough potatoes to feed her family for that day. The next day, she does the same. Alternatively, she could be paid the equivalent of $1 but most subsistence farmers choose to take the food because their families need it to survive.
Despite her daily hard work, two of Amumpaire's three children are suffering from severe malnutrition. The children, from youngest to oldest are: Akankinda Bridget (7 year old girl), Niwagaba Timothy (5 year old boy), and Nowamani Joash (11 month old boy). They are pictured with Amumpaire in front of their home.
Amumpaire wants to send her children to school but she doesn’t have enough money to pay for school fees and uniforms. Her tireless determination along with the rabbits you provide will soon help her achieve financial stability, food security, and educational opportunities for her family.

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