Katenga Village

The household belongs to an elderly who is 82yrs but she stays with her granddaughter (Ahibwe Mercy) who separated with her husband and she has two children. Ahibwe Mercy now takes care of her children and her grandmothers who is elderly! Mercy dropped out of school when she was in primary 3 level of education! .Mercy lost her mother and all her two siblings when she was too young. The dad married another wife who did not treat her well and influenced the husband not to continue supporting her/mercy! The step mother mistreated her and she ended up deciding to get married at an early age and she is now 25 years. She got married to a man whom she didn’t know that had another wife!!Due to domestic violence related to polygamous and she could not manage the hardship that was too much to bear and she has separated and takes care of her grandmother and her children using the grandmother’s resources. The grand mother has some land that she normally farms it in addition to working for other people to be paid. She also works for other to be paid in money merely

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