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The International Foundation for Women's and Children's Empowerment (IFWCE) is an American nonprofit organization. The IFWCE was founded in 2018 by two colleagues, one Ugandan and one American, who dreamed of empowering families, communities, and nations by combining international resources with local expertise. All of the IFWCE projects are grassroots endeavors started by individuals "on the ground", backed with a global support system.


To promote the empowerment of women and children to live dignified, sustainable, and fulfilling lives by fighting poverty, ignorance, and disease and by promoting equal rights through political advocacy.


  • Financial security for vulnerable families

  • Education and learning opportunities for all children

  • Physical and emotional health at an individual and community level

  • Equal rights for all

Call to Action:

IFWCE always welcomes new partnerships from passionate individuals and organizations that seek to achieve any of our four objectives. If you are reading this, we would first like to say "thank you!" It is because of meeting people like you that we were inspired to create the IFWCE. Your zest for life and passion for helping others led us to believe that by partnering together, we can accomplish great things.

We would love your continued help in any capacity you see fit. All of our current board members are full-time students. As such, we recognize the importance of prioritization and work-life balance. So you can play as big or as little role as you would like. Every position (including director) is currently unpaid and would strictly be on a volunteer basis for the foreseeable future (unless you have a rich relative who would love to donate their fortune to the cause. ;) If you are interested in joining our team, click on the "Get Involved" tab to connect with us!

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